This web site has been created as a starting page to help all users find whatever they are searching for on the Internet. The objects across the top of the page give a simple one click link to the worlds favourite search engines.
The icons on the right hand side give links to a variety of most commonly visited web sites. Check the latest BBC news, check the lottery and find out what the weather forecast promises for the weekend.
Nowadays, it is important to have an up to date Anti-Virus program installed on your computer. The better ones also include an Anti-Spyware & Anti-Spam feature.

You can either pay for a product like Trend Internet Security or you can opt for a free package like AVG Anti-Virus. AVG is free to home users and non commercial use.
Click the Anti-Virus button on the left for more information.
PC Maintenance:
All computers need some kind of regular maintenance. you should carry out PC maintenance at least every 2 months, you will benefit from fewer hang ups and possible data loss. Performing these regular 'tune ups' along with keeping Anti-Virus software up to date will help keep your system running closer to the performance levels you experienced when it was new. more....

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