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Superior protection for your PC and home network
Trend Micro™ Internet Security protects your PC and home network against all types of viruses, worms, Trojans, and blended threats—including network viruses.. It also blocks hackers, detects and removes spyware, guards against attacks, filters unwanted content, and minimises spam. New features include Home Network Control and Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection - extending desktop security to your home and wireless networks.

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The heart of AVG Anti-Virus is the checking engine - you can imagine it as a "black box" into which requests to check objects are entering and the box returns information indicating if these objects are virus-free or infected.
The checking engine includes an application interface for communication with other AVG Anti-Virus components (Resident Shield, Tests, E-mail scanner modules and plugins etc.) which use this service. It was created with emphasis on AVG Anti-Virus modularity and is common for all mentioned components.

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